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About Us

How we got started.

Our founder has always had a passion for water, sand, and beaches.  She spent many summers vacationing where she would enjoy the sand and waves of different coastlines around the United States and Caribbean.  During these outings, she found beautiful pieces of “Beach or Sea” glass.  As she started collecting these treasures, she stored all her beach glass pieces into clear vases, jars and empty bowls of all shapes and sizes placing them on her windowsills.  The sun pierced through the beach glass displaying dazzling colors like a rainbow.  However, the windowsills soon became over- crowded.  So she thought, “What if a window could be designed with a window pane on both sides and an opening at the top to gently lower the beach glass into the display?  This window could be placed in a sunny location so all the beautiful colors could shine through like “BLING”!

Working with her friend, they engineered a perfect display window.  We now want to share this idea with you!  Bling Beach Glass Windows to show off YOUR next beach glass or treasure adventure!

Our Standard Window Display Made in the USA

For our standard windows we use a white composite. This white composite is closest to the bright white used in most window frames. This 2 glass pane, engineered framed design with an opening top frame gives the window the ability to show the glass collection with prism like beauty. The engineered structural design gives the window the integrity, strength and durability to store the weight of beach glass. We choose to use only tempered glass that gives the window toughness which is needed as the glass collection is inserted piece by piece. Each hanging unit has utility patent pending opening hardware which allows the top frame to be lifted in order to insert the glass collection. This hardware is uniquely embedded in the frame and connected by a durable chain to sustain the weight of the window and its treasures.

We personalize each display window

We are all part of a community of beach/ sea glass collectors so that is why we wanted to make each window unique to each person who purchases our window display.

When you place your order, your name and payment establishes the shipping schedule and your window is assigned a unique specific number for tracking it's hidtory. Each window is individually made for each specific client order. 

This is the ultimate hand crafted, made in America personalized beach glass storage unit. Just hang it in a window or place it on a sill and enjoy the beauty of your glass collection or other beach treasures as the sun shines through.


Our standard window is made with  a white composite or natural cedar. As options we offer the cedar wood window displays in the following: walnut stain. Custom paint or stain colors are available as a custom order. Contact us at for custom quotes. 

Additional customization comes in three different categories; 1) slight modifications to the standard, 2) a change in size and/or material that does not require re-engineering and re-design, and 3) a complete re-engineered and re-designed window due to size or material requested. Contact us at for custom quotes.