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Using the Window

how to use bling sea glass display window

Step 1

Pick up your treasures — sea or beach glass, seashells, beach rocks, sand, or whatever you would like to display.

Step 2

Open the top of the display window. For windows with dividers, lie the window on its side and slide out the moveable pane of glass. 

Step 3

Put your treasures into the display window.

Step 4

Close the display window and enjoy your BLING!

Want to take out a treasure from the display?

Remove the top, dump out treasures, pick out the piece you need, and put the remaining treasures back into the display.

International Sea Glass Association

International sea glass association isga nasa

As a member of the International Sea Glass Association, we are committed to educating collectors, consumers, and retailers about the properties and benefits of genuine, pure, unaltered sea and beach glass. We hope you will enjoy filling your Bling Beach Glass Window with your own sea and beach glass finds.