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Why do  your standard windows only have a 3/4″ gap between the window glass panes? When we originally started making the windows we tried various size gaps between the glass panes.  To optimize the “bling” we found that a certain layering is required as the beach and sea glass is dropped into the display.  Too small of a gap created to much overlap which hampered the “bling”. Too large of a gap created clear spaces of just tempered glass. Looking at the average size beach or sea glass we found this size to be the optimal gap to maximize the “bling”. That said, we just started offering our Designer series which has a 2″ gap for collectors who have large pieces such as full bottoms and necks of beach and sea glass. The designer series also offers space for other beach and sea treasures such as shells for example.

Will marbles fit into the windows?  Regular size marbles do fit into all of our windows. The “shooter” marbles which are larger will only fit in our Designer series.

Where do I get the beach or sea glass? We do not sell beach or sea glass. You can  find your beach treasures  by walking the beaches. There also are many collectors around the world that collect beach and sea glass who may be willing to sell you their beach treasures.

 Can I buy the filled display window with the artistic beach or sea glass already included?  If you are more interested in the art than in the adventure contact us an we will connect you with an artists that designs our windows using their beach or sea glass. Soon we hope to be adding a gallery on our web site of our customers finished art display window projects.

Why do I have to wait approximately 1 to 6 weeks to receive my window? Production for each windows starts with a customer order. For all white composite windows we have inventory to ship and usually only takes a week or two to receive your window. We make each cedar unit from raw materials and personalize each unit making it “one of a kind”. For cedar walnut stained windows additional drying time is needed. We commit to 1-4 weeks but many customers receive their windows especially white composite windows in 1 to 2 weeks.

How much weight can the window hold? The window is engineered to hold 3 times the weight of the equivalent glass that can be inserted into the display (approximately 30 lbs on average).

Why does the company use a composite to make the frame of the  window? The composite we use is made of PVC and holds  up well outdoors especially when exposure to sunlight and moisture. Many of our customers buy the composite windows because they hang them on their porch.

Why does the company use cedar wood to make the frame of the wood windows? Our founders choose cedar wood because it exemplifies the look of wood normally found at or near a beach. Natural cedar will eventually gray with exposure to sunlight. The sun’s UV rays come in to dry out the natural oils in cedar wood. UV rays can also fade the colors of just about anything over time. This grayish tone and the custom painted color windows (beach blue, seahorse and white) are colors inherent in beach areas.

Where are these windows made? We are presently producing our windows in Southwest MI.

Why not use reclaimed wood for the window frames? Reclaimed wood requires additional processing to guarantee wood density, consistency and a square frame. We will be happy to make a reclaimed window but it is a customized process.

Can the wood window be used outdoors? If the original intentions are to use this display outdoors, we highly recommend applying a sealer (annually) for our standard cedar wood displays or order a custom window where the frame is made from a stronger composite for outdoors. Cedar wood when exposed to water over a period of time starts to erode as wood cell tissue starts producing wood rot. It also turns your window into a breeding ground for mold and mildew especially if kept in shaded outdoor areas.

Why use tempered glass? Tempered glass is about four times stronger than “ordinary,” or annealed, glass. Unlike annealed glass, which can shatter into jagged shards when broken, tempered glass fractures into small, relatively harmless pieces. As a result, tempered glass is used in those environments where human safety is an issue. 

International Sea Glass Association

International sea glass association isga nasa

As a member of the International Sea Glass Association, we are committed to educating collectors, consumers, and retailers about the properties and benefits of genuine, pure, unaltered sea and beach glass. We hope you will enjoy filling your Bling Beach Glass Window with your own sea and beach glass finds.